Saturday, February 28, 2009

How to Consume Herbalife

Here to share the daily menu for the best result...

Menu 1

Breakfast = shake

Lunch = Normal lunch (with your friends or colleague , etc)

Dinner = shake

Menu 2

Breakfast = Shake

Lunch = Shake

Dinner = Normal Dinner (with your lovely family..friends...etc)

How to make the shake?

1. Put in 400ml water

2. Put in 4 scoops F1 into the shaker

3. Put in 2 scoops F3 into the shaker

4. Closed the cover and shake to disolve

5. Drink the shake in 15min in order to avoid the nutritions is gone....

When To Take Tea Mix and How To Make?

* Tea Mix contains a caffeine.. so, for some people they cannot sleep at night if they take the tea mix. So avoid taking tea mix at night.

* Tea Mix can be taken at anytime, and as many times as you want. * Tea Mix can be made cold or hot

* How much tea mix to put and mix with how much ml of water? Up to personal preference


1) Half tea spoon + 500ml plain water

2) Herbalife 1 Small Spoon + 500ml plain water

3) Depending do you like it thick or lite..

Wish this menu can help you to slim down.....

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